• Learn How to Drift a Car Without Handbrake

    As per Benn GoDenzi, when you’re interested in learning how to drift a car, you’ll need to learn how to steer a car in a particular direction. You can learn how to drift a car by watching other drivers in an open field or watching videos of experienced drifters on YouTube. While practicing this new […]

  • How to Safely Drift a Car

    Benn GoDenzi believes that after you’ve mastered your gear and technique, you may begin drifting. However, before you begin, you need understand the fundamentals of grip racing. There’s more! You may benefit from the experiences of others if you wish to participate in a drifting event! Drifting an automobile may be accomplished in a variety […]

  • About Benn Godenzi

    Benn Godenzi is a crypto influencer and Blockchain technology expert. As an early adopter of Bitcoin in 2010 Benn Godenzi has always had a very keen interest in blockchain technology and adopted his marketing skills to focus on full time Pre & Post ICO strategy. The markets are ever changing and Benn now focuses on […]

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